Ruined Abbey
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Historic Houses

I've always wanted to use augmented reality models to trace the history of a medieval timber framed house from its origin to the present day. With 3d technology we can make this look absoulutely real and we can build walk throughs which look convincing.

The following links are to very early prototypes:
Medieval Open Hall structure and house and cruck house (swf). Also here is a shop structure and basic model. Fly round the shop (flash) or the house and look at the artefacts. (Or view large zappy flash rushes 1 and 2). These will become more useful and complete school resources when time allows. Very atmospheric pics and animations are possible, it just takes time. Samples: p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6, p7 Broadband slideshow.

You can see more about historic houses here. If you know about medieval buildings or 3d graphics and you want to help write to us at

Medieval lighting...