cruk timber house by John

John Carling's 3d Work

Fuller version or more information on johncarling 3d content available on request. Some work requires broadband, 3d video card and recent versions of the free players for Shockwave, Flash or Windows Media. 3d can also be put on cd or downloaded.

Theatre lighting model This early version uses realtime 3d lighting and is adequate for Drama and Science lessons in schools. It may become an accurate interactive model for a number of theatres with complete design, save, import and export facilities. more...

The Doll Library This is the title sequence for a short animation I've yet to finish. IE media 5.3mb. Lower res version here and 7mb NS/IE swf version here. Low res swf here

Play Old fashioned skittles. 700k In London pubs in the Victorian period they threw a block of wood called a 'cheese' at the skittles. Drag the cheese round and let go. This uses 3d physics in real time and requires the Shockwave plugin + Havok Xtra. Older version.

Stapler. Show children inside a stapler with this model. The finished model can be made to accurately work using real time physics without damaging small fingers.

More 3d here ...