anatomy model by john

John Carling human anatomy model for Digitalbrain

3d Female Anatomy Model 

This is a project by Digitalbrain to put an interactive 3d human anatomy model online for schools. When looking at it first, turn on the light. Buttons show and hide parts of the body or move it in a controlled way. You can also drag it about in any direction with the mouse or use the arrow keys to move in and out or around.

The early versions are aimed at schools and people wishing to look at human anatomy in an interesting and interactive way. Although nurses and trainee medical students have found the model useful they usually require a more detailed tool. For information on more advanced versions please click here. These have accurate muscles and the body can be moved around with accurate human constraints by pulling arms and the like.

The version of the model here is about 1 Mb and there is a slightly larger anatomy model here - about 1.6 Mb, or for more anatomy information and the model visit

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