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Virtual Childbirth

African women are 175 times more likely to die in childbirth and pregnancy than Westerners with a mortality rate as high as 1 in 6 in some countries. (See BBC report.) We can easily prevent this, but tragically are not yet doing enough.

Using 3d technology we can save lives. Imagine a film quality interaction of a childbirth that you can control to help find out what is happening. You can show and hide layers of skin, muscle and bone. You can move the cameras and lights anywhere you like inside or outside the bodies, or see what happens if you change the size and position of the baby or the pelvis. We have the technology to make this happen now.

This essential interactive learning tool for health workers all round the world will be distributed on the web or DVD. It will save lives especially in poor countries so it is proposed that those who need it but cannot afford it will be given it free.

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