cruk timber house by John

More 3d by John Carling

More information on johncarling 3d content available on request. This work requires broadband and free players for Shockwave, Flash and wmv files. 3d can also be put on cd.

Chrimbols: Knock a few over from the johncarling Christmas card 2002. This needs the Havok plugin. It could easily be made into a complete game and score system.

Prototype medieval Open Hall structure and house, shop structure, basic model and cruck house (swf). Fly round the house and look at the artefacts. (Or view large zappy flash rushes 1 and 2). These will become more useful and complete school resources when time allows. Very atmospheric pics and animations are possible, it just takes time. Samples: p1, p2, p3,p4, p5, p6, p7

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