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The old front page has been replaced by a more search engine-friendly page.

The latest game is a set of daily chess puzzles. See how quickly you can solve them!

The personal site of John Carling web developer and designer specialising in e-learning, 3d graphics and Content Management Systems.

Check out the 2d, 3d and code based interactions including games , old, blurred and fuzzy photos, mostly of Brighton and area as well as the odd bit of grippingly interesting stuff about the man himself. There are many mysterious, hidden areas and even a little bit of very cool real-time physics in 3 dimensions working on the web. The main areas to check out are: There are a few videos made with 3dfx technology, information on a variety of projects, the world's dullest blog, fun sudoku and a cool lighting model, although this requires suitable free plugins from Adobe. The best place to start is probably here.
Note: a lot of the content on this site is content suitable for National Curriculum Key Stage 3, 4 and above and is often used by school and FE teachers. However, some parts are experimental in nature and content is not guaranteed to be suitable for all ages.

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